| Enter code | - You just unboxed a new Amazon device and are excited to explore — how do you get started? Learn how to connect your devices to Prime so you can easily watch and listen to exclusive Prime member content from anywhere. You just need to create amazon account and activate it by using amazon my tv activation code.

How to setup/register on Amazon Prime Video with my TV?

  1. In order to create amazon my tv account -
    • Go to or amazon prime video using PC
    • Select "Create amazon account"
  2. Follow the instructions display on the screen to create new amazon account
    • Enter your name, email, password
    • Retype the password again
    • Now, click on "Create your account"
  3. After your account have been created sucessfully, user will rediredted to the page that will ask amazon activation code

How to obtain amazon my tv activation code?

  1. Open the amazon applicaation on your TV
  2. Login with your newly created amazon prime account
  3. Then you will rediredted to the page where the code will display
    • 6 letter prime video code will appear on the screen
    • For an example - ASDFGH
  4. Enter the code in the activtion wizard on your PC
  5. Your TV has been sucessfully registered with your Amazon Prime Account.

NOTE: You can find information about registred products such as your TV on Manage My Device

Activate Amazon My TV from

  1. Connect your TV to the internet service provider
  2. Go to the applicaton store from the TV
    • Download amazon prime video app from the store
    • For this, search prime video app from th search bar
  3. To install amazon tv click on install button
  4. Sign in to amazon prime video account at
  5. Enter amazon video registration code when prompted
  6. Click on “Continue” to proceed to the next step
  7. After the successfull activation, user will receive the congratulation messgae on TV screen
  8. Press continue button to amazon my tv app
  9. Now user will able to watch videos on amazon prime video on your android with the prime app.

Having trouble activating your subscription?

Can You Login with Amazon at

You can only enter your Amazon account information to access subscriptions that feature Login with Amazon. You'll see a Login with Amazon option on the provider's website, service, or app when this option is available. If the subscription doesn't feature, you'll need an account with the service provider to access it. This account is separate from your Amazon account at, and is what you'll always use to access the subscription service.

Try Again from Your Memberships and Subscriptions

If you weren't able activate your subscription right after checkout, you can also start the process at any time from your memberships and subscriptions in your account at You'll see a notification at the top of your memberships and subscriptions about any subscriptions you still need to activate. The activation process from your memberships and subscriptions uses pop-ups, so make sure pop-ups are enabled for your web browser before you continue. Then, find the subscription you need to activate, and look for a register or Sign In button. This opens a new window you can use to sign in or create a new account with the service provider.

Check Your Account Information

When signing in to an existing account during subscription activation, you'll need to enter the information you originally used to set up your amazon account with the service provider. Be sure to follow the instructions on the service provider's sign in or registration screen.

Check Your Device

Make sure the device you're using is compatible with the subscription service at To check device compatibility, go to your memberships and subscriptions and select the title of the subscription to return to the detail page. Look for the supported devices section, which lists all the devices and/or system requirements you need to use the subscription service.